Friday, January 22, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending Jan 22, 2016

Last weekend I noticed someone had tweeted out a link to a recent Ontario Math Links. Upon closer scrutiny it wasn't a "someone" but instead a "something". The tweet came from @MTBoS_Blogbot. That is, it is an automated bot that searches MTBoS blogs and tweets out when ever there is a new post on them. The bot was developed by @Lustomatical using code that can be found here and the MTBoS blogroll found here. So never miss another MTBoS blog post, and just follow @MTBoS_Blogbot
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So for Christmas we got a Keurig which is odd because I don't really drink hot beverages (turns out my son does) and now we have all these K-Cups lying around. My wife insists she can use them for something educational. Low and behold, you can. Just take a look at this page from @cherandpete and you will think you hit the K-cup jackpot. To get a sense, watch the video below and then check out the link to see the math-ness.
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It really is too hard to keep track of all of the teacher made Desmos activities but it is worth it to point out some of them. This one from @RobertKaplinski came out of @K8Nowaks post about simple basic concepts and I love it. It's a Polygraph on plotting points. Really simple and something that typically is not very engaging to students but doing it this way gives a little toward the engagement factor.
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In Data Management, one of the topics is bias in collecting and analyzing data. Here is a nice @SciFri podcast that starts out talking about computers that do the work of sifting through resumes and branches out into many different examples of bias seen with big data. Some good information for your students. Listen here.
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If you are a fan of the Flipped classroom model then you know how much time it takes to create enough videos to make it work. You can sometimes resort to other people's videos (there are tonnes) but that may not match what you are doing. Well if you are in Ontario and use some of the current textbooks then there is a huge resource (literally 1000s of videos) that cover many of the questions in those books. Though not all books are covered and not every question is done, there is more than you could really use. @mglMin has created a huge resource that you can subscribe to and can be customized for your Ontario school. Check out the books available for the courses in the Academic/University stream at the link and don't miss the bonus videos on Canadian Math competitions.
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Last week in a conversation I Tweeted out a comment about assessment not being a very sexy topic and @DonFraser9 replied asking what the sexy topics were
We mentioned some things like 21st century learning, Growth Mindset, Student engagement etc. Then I saw this post from @K8Nowak about the "non sexy" topics in math class. The basic questions and why we should value them. It's a good read about that everyday stuff that is still important. And as a bonus, she has some great links on first differences, plotting points (see above), degrees and radians and more. Thanks to @Wheeler_Laura for pointing this one out
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Hey, we got a new prime number this week. A couple of videos from @standupmaths. The first is from his own channel
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And the second one on the @Numberphile channel
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I was at the grocery story and saw this. So much patterning that can be done with this. Series and sequence too. First question that comes to mind is do each of the piles have the same number of apples?
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Very cool fractal gif
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