Friday, June 16, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending June 16th, 2017

As @ddmeyer points out, this XKCD image has been out for a while and he has suggested it be used for introducing the topic of the coordinate plane before but now he and his crew have Desmosified it into a really fun and dynamic way to introduce the concepts of the coordinate plane (or even help fill the gaps in for those who still struggle with graphing points). The premiss is pretty simple: given various fruits, decide where it fits on a linear tasty/untasty scale and a perpendicular linear Easy/Difficult (to eat) scale.
Curriculum Tags: Gr7, Gr8
Here's a nice twist on a standard concept from @dpscher. We've all seen 10x10 multiplication grids before (both static and dynamic) where students have to look for multiples of what ever number. But now that 10x10 grid itself is dynamic. That is, it's dimensions. So you can have your kids explore how the patterns change as the grid changes. This may seem really elementary but students who have good number sense will have an easier time when performing other math tasks. So students at any grade can practice with this to hone their skills.
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I love this lesson from @Wheeler_Laura where she takes advantage of her student winning Gold at OFSAA in the 1500m championship (pretty fast - almost cracked 4min in grade 9). She turns that into a 3Act task where she has her students wonder how much of a head start they would need so if they were walking and he was running, they would end up at the finish line at the same time. And like any good 3Act task there is a great reveal. In this case, she has her students actually do the experiment. Check out the link for the entire lesson.
Curriculum Tags: MPM1D, MFM2P

I remember a time (more than 15 years ago) when I was just getting into the groove of having students investigate mathematics as a matter of habit when one student asked "sir, when are you going to teach us". Heavy sigh. None the less, I am always happy when others share thoughts on this same mater. In this case from @K8Nowak with the title "So When do I teach?" where that is being asked by a teacher.
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"Math requires altruism, hard work and fact-checking. " - That's what @mathbabedotorg says in her article sighting that not all mathematicians are geniuses. And for every "genius" there's a hundred people that helped create them along the way.
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"Forget speed: why the tortoise will always prevail in mathematics" that is, forget speed when it comes to math. If you want to go deep then slow down. Read more here from @fjmubeen. Thanks to @matthewoldridge for pointing out this one
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I totally love this new video and activity from @MrOrr_Geek. Just watch the video below and tell me you are not right in there ready to solve. Of course there is a whole lesson that goes along with this so make sure you go to the link below to get it all.
Curriculum Tags: MPM1D, MFM1P

This one showed up all over Twitter this week. There is a story here for sure.
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