Saturday, August 5, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Aug. 4th, 2017

A few more links left over from last weeks Twitter Math Camp. One of the flex sessions was from @jgough on how she uses sketchnoting. Below is her summary of @Gfletchy's keynote. Check her Twitter feed out for more like this.
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In my morning session I was introduced to this nice whiteboard activity from @kellyoshea. The simple premise is that students are given a problem and asked to write a solution that has one intentional mistake on a whiteboard. Everyone else plays the "Mistake Game" to find the mistake. See all the details at the link below. Thanks to @Stoodle @PiSpeak for this one

Also from Twitter Math Camp is a neat little idea from @Borschtwithanna. Use Desmos Activity builder as an entrance card. Check it out.
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The Global Math Project is coming up in the fall and will be using Exploding Dots as it's vehicle. Here @Giohio has created a neat little Geogebra app to simulate them.
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We are all born mathematicians but somehow the education system beats it out of some of us.
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Some great ideas to help students in math class from @saravdwerf. It's a long post but well worth the read. thanks to @stoodle and @pispeak for this one
Some probability and permutations from Numberphile
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A nice bar graph of the words spoken by each character on The Office.
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Good fraction stuff just appearing at Twitter Math Camp.
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I saw this on America's Got Talent last week. You can surely ask some annuity questions.
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Apparently is was John Venn's birthday this week. Thanks to @mlbrackmartin for this one
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