Friday, May 3, 2019

Math Links for Week Ending May 3rd, 2019

Featured Links
It's no secret that I'm a fan of Desmos and they have been putting out new features steadily. This latest one is the ability to include ordered lists as part of activities now. Whether you create your own activities or use theirs, it's another nice feature to help discover your students' thinking. Check out some of their activities that have that feature already at the link below.
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Resource Links
Are you thinking about implementing the thinking classroom in your class then this article explaining the 14 key ideas may be helpful but this checklist from @HTheijsmeijer is a nice way to help you along.
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Some great discussion in the comments from the Tweet plus good resources in the link on this one but a surprising result. Who knew that such a little rotation would cause it to intersect the axis.
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It's always good to have questions to ask students to keep them thinking while you are working with them.
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Opinion Links
I totally get the idea of looking back on my career and thinking that my methods were archaic. In this article @MrBartonMaths talks about his experience which is the context of his new book.
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Article Links
The Misconceptions About Math That Are Keeping Students From Succeeding [Infographic]. Check the link for more detail and all the infographics
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Video/Audio Links
I just binge listed to this new (to me podcast) Math Before Breakfast. The premiss of @mathb4breakfast is that two elementary teachers (@math6teacher and @tracyjoproffitt) go for runs together a few mornings a week and talk about their math teaching practice. So they started to record their conversations (thankfully, not while they are actually running). I wasn't sure what to expect when I started to listen but I really love the way that they talk through pedagogical ideas in order to plan out what they are doing in their classes. They share a lot of resources (like tonnes of links per episode) and even if you may have heard of some (or all) of those resources, that peak into their teaching and planning process is really useful. Check it out and all of the other new podcast episodes listed on my podcast page.
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Nice animation to show the sum of exterior angles of a polygon is 360 degrees.
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Image Links
Yup, there is some domain and range work that could be done here
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Nice Pixelation
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Here's a fun question dealing with squares and triangles. Make sure you check the comments for some solutions (including my own, below).
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Here's my solution
Connecting algebra to number sense
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