Friday, January 18, 2013

Math LInks for Week Ending Jan 18th, 2013

The Wild About Math blog tries to bring mathematics to the masses and has a series of interviews with people from the mathematics community. In this post, he has an over hour long interview with Steven Strogatz (Author of "The Joy of x" & "Calculus of Friendship" among other things). Its not a super professional interview but it is worth it to listen to for Strogatz. A few things that I heard that I liked were that the name Rational numbers has to do with the root word "ratio" and not in reference to being reasonable and that the dentist calls the gunk on your teeth "calculus" which comes from calcium. Another neat thing that resonated with me was the idea that in order to reach his readers, he does so with empathy for the way they feel about math.
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The Centre for Algebraic Thinking was developed to help fight problems with understanding algebra. The video, below, explains the impetus. Its a little boring at the beginning but it talks about what is on the site towards the end. In particular I like the Formative assessment questions and the Technology summary.
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 A Vi Hart video from last fall. This one is about vectors so it might be a nice addition to any discussion in Calculus & Vectors.
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