Friday, April 12, 2013

Math Links for Week Ending Apr 12th, 2013

Making decisions based on information known may not always be as easy as you think. Our current belief system can stand in the way of new knowledge due to our own biases. To help that let Bayes theorem step in. The go to theorem of probability kings especially when conditional probability is necessary. Find out more here.
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Thanks to Liz Darocy for reminding me of the WSHS Rap video collection. Here is the latest instalment on graphing y = mx + b
Be sure to check out their other videos on their youtube channel
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Comparing incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs gives a nice activity for systems of equations. Check it out here.
Curriculum Tags: MFM2D, MPM2P

I thought this was a neat activity that used stations for doing limits. I like the aspect of covering up the area in question as part of the activity
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I really like using tree diagrams for probability. Especially in gr 12 Data Management. Here is a site that has created a game using tree diagrams that would be perfect for any gr 12 class.
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Even more stuff for Data Management. I like this simple twist on the outcomes when rolling two standard dice. This time with non standard faces.
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I thought it would be nice to have a category that highlighted a particularly good discussion on something in the math world of relevance. This first one comes from Dan Meyer comparing doing math  practice to training for wrestling (or any sport of your choice). There are opinions all over the block here starting with Dan's favourite whipping boy Sal Khan.
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Here is a nice commercial from Prudential that will help show the idea of what a dot plot is. 
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Some humorous pix here. Some you may have seen before. I have not seen the Kitten series before this though.
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Baseball season has started and what is baseball season without some stats on salaries. Here is a nice infographic of all of Major League Baseball. For a more interactive version of this check out Ben Fry's work. Here is his 2005 analysis (don't forget to move the slider to get the full effect). And don't forget to click to get the next few years analysis (up to 2010)
Curriculum Tags: MDM4U

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