Friday, May 17, 2013

Math Links for Week Ending May 17th, 2013

MATH CAMP 2013 has been announced for this year. Though I think the format has changed. For one its not called MATH CAMPPP anymore. This year the focus is on creation of better facilitators. Let me back track a bit first. Math Camp is for K-12 teachers of mathematics. They come together for 5 days of intense immersion into a chosen mathematics topic and leave totally drained having had an intense but rewarding experience and bringing with them tonnes of resources ready to go for the classroom (here are the past years of resources). Usually there is a curriculum theme for each year. However, this year the theme seems to be revolving around facilitators. So if you give PD (or want to give PD) in mathematics in Ontario then this all expense paid activity is for you. Here is the sign up form. Space is very limited so sign up early to ensure a spot.
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I really like this video. Sure its one of those list videos but when you are doing a unit that involves measurement conversion then I think it would be interesting for kids to know that their are some pretty odd units out there. Who knew that a pinch was an actual measurement.
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Last week I posted a video of Dan Meyer talking about how to use his 3Act math tasks. That was Act 1. This week Dan has posted videos for Act 2 and Act 3. All great resources for implementing these great activities in your classes.
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In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Math For Grown Ups has a nice post a
bout how the FBI uses math to profile suspects in acts of this nature. There is not a lot of specific info here but it is good to remind kids that math is important in a lot of ways that may not be obvious
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I like this review of online videos on confidence intervals. These are actually pretty hard to explain (). But here are some examples of good (a few) and bad (a lot) of these vids. The one below is my favourite
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You can't vote anymore but you can see who the winners were in this contest for students to come up with the best video about mathematics. There is some good stuff here. I think just about any school could do the same sort of thing within their building and it would be a good way to promote mathematics in a fun and engaging way. Below is the winner but you can see them all here:
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Belated but still always good with the graphs. I think seeing these types of videos is good for elementary students to inspire them to create interesting graphs when doing their data management units.
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