Friday, March 14, 2014

Math Links for Week Ending Mar. 14th, 2014

Even though I posted a Pi Day link last week (to my Pinterest Page), most of the links this week will relate to Pi since today is actually Pi Day. There have been new finds this week including this page of 10 Pi Day lessons, Buffon's needle and these two videos (posted today). One from Numberphile (one of my favourite Pi properties) and the other from Vi Hart (another in her anti Pi Day series).
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Key Curriculum, the maker's of Sketchpad, have really started to include a lot of web based sketches (ie no Sketchpad needed) in this one they have several different derivations of Pi using geometric and dynamic means.
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The Language of Functions and Graphs is a resource that might be old but there are a lot of great problems here for the picking. This used to be a paid resource but now its available for free in PDF form, both the black line masters and the teacher resource. Thanks to Michael Pershan and Dan Meyer for this one.
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Keith Devlin has written a lot about Fibonacci and he has now put out a new video debunking a lot of the myths about the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci.
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Why not at least one image for Pi Day
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Here is a neat little poster that talks about different types of numbers. It could be good to start some discussions on what characterizes a number. Thanks to Edudemic for this one.
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