Friday, May 23, 2014

Math Links for Week Ending May 23rd, 2014

How many bird craps does it take to crush a Smart Car? You had me at "bird crap" Mr. Orr. I love this 3Act task that can be used for proportional reasoning. I also love that in the course of the Tweeting and such, Smart actually responded with an info graphic of how many craps it would take from various birds.
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And another one from Mr. Orr. This time that classic question of calculating the distance from one corner to the opposite corner of a box. Done as a 3acts, this would be fine for any class working on Pythagorean theorem.
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I am a big fan of personal white boards for students. And John Scammell has done a nice job talking about what he has learned about using them in classes. Here are his pros:
  • How their work “pops” off the boards so that I can see it easily. As I circulate, it’s so easy to provide feedback. 
  • How comfortable students are working on a dry-erase surface. They are not afraid to try things. They are not afraid to make mistakes. 
  • How easy it is to group and pair students to give and receive feedback from peers when their work is on whiteboards.
It is a really strange thing about how kids will take more chances on these white boards then they will on regular paper and pencil. You can check out the rest of his post here.
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And if we are going to talk about personal whiteboards we might as well talk about the electronic version. That is, using apps like Educreations, Explain Everything, Doceri etc. I wasn't able to see her session but Dan Meyer saw Marion Small talk about how to use one of these apps to capture student thinking. So as student solve a problem, they record what they are thinking with the app (including all the problems and mistakes). In this way, when you review the recording you can get a better idea of misconceptions that a student might have. And I like the street cred that Dan brings here as one of the creators of Educreations was actually participating in the comment section.
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And while we are on the Dan Meyer train, we might as well talk about this new 3Act task that is about expected value.
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And we might as well finish of with a quote that Dan made at the workshop he gave in Windsor last week that seemed to have a lot of play on the Twitter.
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A few weeks back I spoke some of the discussion going on on the web about Common Core and "New Math". Here is a nice video that kinda sums it up, I think. Thanks to Cathy Yenca for this one
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And finally this week, Randal Munroe's (XKCD, What if) TED talk on his What If website. The best thing about this site (there are many good things) is the fact that he is basically using the Fermi problem as the estimation method.
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