Friday, December 12, 2014

Math Links for Week Ending Dec. 12th, 2014

This is the 100th Math links. That is some sort of milestone I guess. I will continue to wait for my award. In the mean time....

This is not so much math but I still think it is good for all teachers to see. The premiss is that throughout the years there has been things that were touted to be able to "revolutionize education", though non have. That part is good but the part that resonated with me was the bit about what a teacher should do:
If you think the fundamental job of a teacher is to transmit information from their heads to their students then you are right they (teachers) are obsolete .......  The fundamental roll of a teacher is not to deliver information. It is to guide the social process of learning
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This was a quick little activity to do as a holiday treat. It is basically a colouring and patterning exercise with series, sequence and Pascal's Triangle. It could be kept light as it is or you could have kids determine the equations that represent each pattern to make it a little tougher.
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A new one from Kyle at Tap Into Teen Minds. It's a 3Act Task dealing with composite volume. So it's perfect for grade 9 academic or grade 10 applied.
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Often we ask "wrapping a gift" questions when we are trying to look at surface area of rectangular prisms but they aren't realistic due to all the overlapping that goes around. Check this out though, the mathematical way to wrap a gift with minimal waste.
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A new one from Numberphile. This one is pretty cool. They start with a sequence that is a modification of the Fibonacci sequence and then turns it into a representation of every rational number that exists, without repetition. Pretty neat.
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It's not Pi Day yet but how about this song about Pi:
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Another web conference from the Ministry of Ontario. This time with Dr. Chris Suurtamm talking about myths in mathematics. This is a recording of an Adobe Connect session so it looks like it's interactive but it is not.
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Plenty of math in the Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode. Check out all the formulas. Follow the link for info on which ones
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Need some Christmas data (who doesn't)? The crew at the 538 blog have got yer Christmas song data all ready for you in bar graph and tabular form. Whether it be the increase in Christmas themed Spotify channels or which is the most played Christmas song, you can find it here.
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