Friday, December 25, 2015

Math Links for Week Ending Dec. 26th, 2015

We have been adding some more activities to our Engaging Math blog. We had two similar tower challenge review activities for solving equations and algebra. There is one for grade 9 applied and one for grade 9 academic. The way the challenge works is that students are put in groups and answer questions to earn building pieces (spaghetti and marsh mallows) to eventually build the tallest tower.
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We also published another I Have, Who Has. This time on solving simple equations. One of the many we have published on the site. This one is good for grade 7 up to grade 9. Take a look.
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And finally one last activity on equations. This one is for solving equations using the balance method. Students are given a set of cards and have to sort the into their proper order in order to solve the equation using the balance method. There are nine sets of cards to share around students.
Curriculum Tags: Gr8, MPM1D, MFM1P

A new data set on my Found Data blog. This time about the market in selling used gift cards. Some good data here that can be analyze via single or double variable methods plus it's kind of interesting to note that some gift cards actually sold for more than they were worth. And as a bonus feature there is a link to an article detailing how companies love gift cards because so often people don't spend all the money on the card (and thus is free money for them).
Curriculum Tags: MBF3C, MAP4C, MDM4U

I thought this was fun and the story is kind of fun too. The fact that this teacher has been keeping this game a secret but now finally shares it is neat. The game doesn't require any real difficult math but some good logic. It's a great game to be used as a treat (as this teacher did). The game is pretty simple to start off. You randomly (with cards) choose numbers to have students fill a 5x5 grid. It's how you place the numbers that will allow you to get the highest score. It's all in the placement then the adding. Look at the post for the details. Thanks to @ddmeyer for this one
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Following that post @marybourassa suggests that a 5x5 game could be made using logarithms instead. It's just a kernel of an idea but she could use your help. Give her your suggestions at the link below.
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Though this app is not available right now (and apparently won't be any time soon) it is used to turn the iPhone6 into a digital scale. What it does is use the pressure sensitive screen to translate the pressure into mass by using a linear relationship (more specifically a direct variation). It would be good to show students an example of how a linear relationship might be used in real life.
Curriculum Tags: MPM1D, MFM1P, MDM4U, MAP4C

There is always discussion as to whether standardized tests are too hard and here is another one. There is a link to samples of the actual questions - which don't seem like overly crazy questions. Try them out yourself and agree or disagree at the link below
Curriculum Tags: MPM2D, MCR3U, MHF4U

Having given a couple of Ignite talks myself, I am a fan of them. I like this one from @roberkaplinski where he talks about the idea of productive struggle. Nothing specific to math here but instead general for all of teaching. I particularly like the bit about students complaining about "when are you going to teach us". Thanks to @andrewstadel for pointing this out on his post about Productive struggle. I like the Desmos activity he created to breach that subject with students
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This is a classic fallacy from Hillary Clinton. Here she claims she will only close schools that are below average. But of course, once you close those schools there will be a new average and thus always be schools below average.
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Ok there is some great physics going on here about torque and centre of mass. Something you can apply to vectors. This statue weighs over 2000 lbs and is designed so that it can can be moved with a fingertip (since it is so well balanced). The video below is a visual of the CofM math but there is more info and video of them actually moving the thing on the link below.
Curriculum Tags: MCV4U

Well you can't have Christmas without some Christmas cheer. This time in the form of the graphical version of the song Deck the Halls.
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I got a couple of Math Shirts For Christmas
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