Saturday, March 12, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending Mar. 11th, 2016

It's Pi Day on Monday so I thought I would feature something a bit different. A circular Pi poem. And if you want more, this is my standard Pi Day Pinterest page. And for another Pi related poem, here is one related to Euler's formula.
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I created a new post on Found data. This time on speed data that comes from Car & Driver test drives. Some good stuff here for rates of change in calculus and advanced functions (with some pretty heavy modelling.
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I was recently introduced to EdPuzzle. EdPuzzle is a site that lets you take pre-existing online videos and break them down into segments along the way to ask questions and give quizzes. Very helpful if you are doing a flipped classroom but @bkdidact shows how it can be used to scaffold concepts for those who have executive functioning issues.
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Seriously, @matthewOldridge had me at the title. "Costco, the Proportional reasoning store. I know I have a bank of images just like these. The fact that you buy stuff in such large quantities makes these prime targets for good questions. I also use things on sale at Zehrs a lot too. I like it when kids have the discussion about more than it being the cheapest. For Costco, that can sometimes be about the food going bad before you eat it all (ever buy one of their cases of strawberries or oranges).
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"The most important aspect of the EDC Accessibility Strategies or Universal Design for Learning is that no one strategy will work for every student, every lesson."
That is how @bkdidact conclude a long but informative post about working with students with learning disabilities. It's a good read and there is a lot there so you may want to spread it out.
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Algebra is mostly useless. At least that is the premiss of this article that tries to discuss more important mathematical topics for humans. I like the premiss.
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If you didn't know a "Quant" is a quantitative analyst. Those are the mathematicians who generate models to try and predict the patterns of Wall Street. Do you want to take the Quant challenge and try these 5 questions from the Museum of Mathematics. Spoiler alert, some are tricky.
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Since it's Piday on Monday I thought I would highlite my Ignite talk at last year's OAME conference. I did it on all kinds of Pi facts. For any of the links in the video, you can get them here.
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Here's a nice question to see what you know about angle properties. They (who are they?) call it the "Hardest Easy Geometry Problem". It is certainly do able with basic angle theorems but it isn't straight forward either. Thanks to Michele Cooper for this one.
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I have always loved this paradox. I love using it to have students verify something is up by using slope calculations.
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Simple question to ask students that doesn't actually need quadratics to solve. Instead think of it this way. What are two numbers that are one apart that multiply to get 20.
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Here is an interesting relationship that your students can use to practice using powers
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