Friday, September 16, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending Sept. 16th, 2016

I never fail to point out when teachers create and share their stuff, especially when it is clear that it has taken a bit of time or take some skill. For many, creating Explain Everything files can be a chore but when you have people like @MrOrr_Geek, those who might not have the time to create these have a friend in him. In this case, its some resources on some review materials for percent for grade 11 MEL students. There are a couple of files (both dealing with percent). One is a nice re introduction to the notion of percents called Percent Pile Up and the other is a practice file called Random Winner. Of course even though he used it for grade 11 as a review, it would be appropriate all the way down to grade 7.
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One of the nice things about this list that @MathyCathy is sharing of Desmos activities is that it kind of does a better job of the current Desmos search engine. Her list of some of her favourite activities including this nice integer card sort is great. Add the fact that there is a nice rubric for students creating Explain Everything recordings and you've got a nice set of resources here.
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There is a lot of talk in the educational community about Math Talks. A lot of time we hear about this stuff for elementary but this post from @dsladkey does a great job in telling us how to apply this concept to secondary school. So look at this post for ideas for 10 days of Number Talks for Secondary.
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I was reminded of this earlier this week but it never gets old. The classic "Verizon Math Fail"
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Not a video but audio on this NPR story on the problems with big data
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Here's a fun little explanation of how logarithms are useful in a series of @BenOrlin Math with Bad Drawings. Click on the link for all the images.
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Of course there is a never ending stream of these on Facebook. I think this is a nice one for patterns but check out the good (and bad) math in the comments
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It's funny because it's true
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