Friday, February 3, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Feb. 3rd, 2017

If you are at all into Standards Based Grading then you might also struggle with how to keep track of all of those grades. Recently @MrOrr_Geek posted a detailed description of how he keeps track of the progress of all of his students. I really liked it. For years I have said that traditional marking is so arbitrary as a way to measure a student's progress. This is especially if true if you are talking about students who struggle. For example, with a traditional measurement system it is possible for a student to get a final grade of a 65% yet never be correct on anything (ie much of the mark is due to part marks). And so what meaning does that mark have? It doesn't mean a student knows 65% of the material, that is for sure. But if you are using SBG then that mark at the end may in fact mean just that. He uses a free marking software called Freshgrade which seems like it was built for this expressed purpose. I love that students are given levels for each standard based on what they can complete and then all those grades of standards are brought together to create averages for the strands and then an overall average. Give it a look.
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Some awesome tweaks to some Desmos activities highlighted on @ddmeyer's blog. There is literally something for everyone here. Algebraic activities, linear relations, angles, circles, polynomial functions and more. All of them have that "ease into it" feel where students start by estimating or drawing and then move onto algebraic or algorithmic methods. Some of them go back to their roots in that first killer activity Central Park. Take a look
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I love the simplicity of the individual motion and how the complexity shines through in this animation. Don't forget to check out the other images found on the Google Plus community Mathematics and Related Animations
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I try to steer clear of any political bent (at least here on this blog) but when I saw this image about alternative math facts, I had to Tweet it out.
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