Friday, March 3, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Mar. 3rd, 2017

Recently @pgliljedahl spoke to teachers in the Ottawa area and I saw some recaps show up on Twitter. For a detailed recap, don't miss @mathtans' play by play of the whole talk. I specifically like the beginning with the descriptions of the slow start with using vertical surfaces. Also @Laura_Wheeler managed a couple of sketchnotes too. We have been working on making thinking classrooms down here to so it was great to see these resources.
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I love it when you go deep on a topic. In this case it's optimizing cans from @DataGenetics. With some of the data here you could probably connect it to grade 9 optimization but they go deeper and take it all the way to the calculus level. And as a bonus, here's a discussion of reasons why packaging is the way it is. Thanks to Janet Jacques for this one.
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If you are in Ontario you've heard of the Renewed Math Strategy. Well, they have a new website for all kinds of math goodies. Check it out.
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Having done a couple of Ignites myself, I am always happy to highlight a good one. It's from a couple of years ago but I hadn't seen it before. I like this one from @robertkaplinsky on productive struggle. It's always hard to get everything you want said when the slides are flying by at 15s a pop but he does a good job of highlighting the important points. I have used the bench press analogy myself many times.
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And when that video came up, another of my favourite speakers did. Here is @Marian_Small from the same session
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A new three act task from @mathletepearce using a great image to provoke questions. Good for multiplication and proportional reasoning.
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Some neat geometric architecture pointed out by @MrHonner
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