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Math Links for Week Ending May 12th, 2017

This Week's Ontario Math Links will be an all OAME edition. So I'll focus on what I saw and heard. Keep in mind that this is only a sliver of what went on. To start I was either a presenter or co presenter on three sessions. The one that I've been working on for so long is the presentation I did with Gisele Jobin on the launch of our iTunes U course "Letting Students Think in Grade 9 Math".

It's a collection of some of our favourite activities that help students do more than just calculate in class but instead encourage thinking. Eventually there will be a companion iBook but for now you can subscribe to the course for all the info. The slideshow is here but you can subscribe at the link below.
Curriculum Tags: MPM1D, MFM1P

The one session I did on my own was a combination of a few blog posts I did last year on finding the math in Pokemon Go!. The game is not as popular as before but many of your students likely still have all the data on their phones just waiting to be mined. Get the slide show here and the full activities at the links below.
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The other session that I did was with @MrsGascho. We were part of the Grade 9 project for the last few years and in the summer we co presented a session in the summer institute on "Meaningful use of Technology in Grade 9 Math" and that lead to the creation of the Math 4 the Nines project that collected all of the research findings and also included several "Workshops in a Bag" for all of the sessions. That is, for each of the workshops from the summer, teams developed a zipped folder of the slideshows and all of the supporting files so that anyone could do the presentations. So that's what we did, we took the workshop we developed and presented it. Get our presentation here and all of the others at the link below
Curriculum Tags: MPM1D, MFM1P

The first session that I went to was "Teaching Function Notation with Coding" from Jeffrey Peck and Stephanie McKean. It's a great fit as coding is basically an application of functions. We were coding at the site below in PHP and it didn't take long for all of us to have our first sets of code that used functions.
Curriculum Tags: MCR3U

I really liked the session from @MsLoneyMath and @KatherinOHara on "Hands On Activities for 1L/2L Math". We really needed more time but there was a lot of stuff that we tried out for fractions, proportional reasoning, measurement and more. Their presentation is a Smart Notebook file and be sure to click on the paper clip icon as it is loaded with tonnes of attachments
Curriculum Tags: MAT1L, MAT2L

A neat session on a "Co Constructed Mathematics Program" for grade 7&8 from @katiepellerin where students were physically constructing. Specifically they were building desks and tables. We saw how they constructed their learning pathway by wrapping everything around the number sense. Check the slide deck out for their journey.
Curriculum Tags: Gr7, G8

A very cool session from Chris Atkinson and @tomsteinke on teaching systems of equations using Geocaching. The premiss is that students will solve systems of equations that have solutions that become coordinates for waypoints to be entered into a GPS device (or phone with an app). Students then travel to those locations to get a new set of equations and a new set of coordinates. There would normally be a tonne of work to set this up in your class but they have developed a tool so you just enter the coordinates of the waypoints and it spits out all the sets of equations that need to be solved then does the combinatorics to assign various locations to each group (not all groups go to all locations). The activity was designed for grade 10 academic but the engagement factor might make it doable for grade 10 applied.
Curriculum Tags: MPM2D, MFM2P

I like this post from @rossisen where he took a problem seen in a @kitluce1 session that he was in and turned it into an interactive websketch. Nicely done.
Curriculum Tags: Gr8, MPM1D, MFM1P
@MathletePearce has already cobbled together his own video from his ignite session. Watch it below and then click on the link to see all the background for his talk. "Be More Prince"
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I was in a STEM session from Alfonso Garcia where we built airplanes and launched them (see the video below) and it was very cool when we broke it down and talked abut all the connections to math that the activity had (spoiler alert, there was a lot). It was super engaging as you can see from our reaction at a successful launch (below).  You can get the plans and order the free kits at the link below.
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@ddmeyer was one of the evening keynotes. His talk on Full Stack Math was spot on. Here's a couple of images. The first image was a reminder that the amount of routine jobs has been dropping and the amount of non routine jobs has been increasing.  The second image is about the nature of what tends to be valued in classes. IE there is a disconnect.
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And here is a great sketchnote of Dan's Task
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I managed to see one of the Ignite sessions but those things go by so fast it's hard to keep up. But I did like this slide from @MaryBourassa on Lessons learned. Hopefully the videos will be posted soon.
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And here's a few other posts from the Ignite. I didn't get to see the second session but here's some shots of those. Looks like I missed some good ones.
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