Friday, September 1, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Sept 1st. 2018

Here in Ontario the results are starting to come out for this year's provincial tests. Apparently, again, grade 6 math scores are stagnant at about half of students reaching provincial standard. Of course there are all kinds of reasons that everyone has for this but I thought that @mathewoldridge said it best in this article where he basically talks about my favourite solution, using a balanced approach of traditional and new methods.
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Personally, although I get the importance of them, I have always made fun of "Think,Pair,Share" or "Talk to your elbow partner" because, really, can't you just say "Talk to the person next to you". All joking aside, I really like this tweak from @saravdwerf. She calls it Stand and Talk and she goes into great detail on how to use it to get your kids to talk about math in your classes. Well worth the read.
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Like I said, everyone has an opinion. In this article the solution to Ontario's math woes is making sure you teach the teachers math (speaking of elementary teachers). I only partially agree. I think that, to some extent, teachers do need to know the math but more than that they need to know math for teaching. Which means needing to know how to handle things when kids make mistakes. Read the article at the link and then watch @Deborah_Ball's video about math for teaching
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Though they don't go into too much detail about the math, it was used to determine the exact moment the space station went across the eclipse. It was only for an instant but it was so cool that they could figure it out. Math power!
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I think this is really just Babylonian homework. Click the link to see the video. Thanks to @MrEsping_Math for this one
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Some Logarithmic humour
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