Friday, November 10, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Nov. 10th, 2017

This week was the OAME Leadership Conference in Ottawa and @PGLiljedahl was the keynote. It was great to hear about all of his research on how to build a thinking classroom first hand. There were a lot of points that he clarified about pulling it off. In the image here you can see a summary of the main things you need to do and the best practices for doing them (based on research). You can get the slide deck for his presentation at the link below and see the back channel here.
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You can also see @wheeler_laura's Sketchnote below

and neat video of a pile of us using Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces from @MJacobs

I tell a lot of teachers about Desmos Activity builder and sometimes it's hard to get the idea across. However, @JRuelbackh has created a really nice activity for teachers to go through as a student in order to see what features exist on Activity Builder. So if you have teacher who you think may benefit from this, send them to her blog post about using Activity Builder in other disciplines and try it out yourself right here.
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In this Desmos activity @MathyCathy asks: Is it Linear? Is it Parallel? Is it Perpendicular? all using card sorts. She also has a paper/pencil version. Either way this makes a nice consolidation activity for students.
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I don't think this is a new problem but it was nice to be reminded of it by @mathforlove where he talks about it as a great way to get kids to step out of their comfort zone by taking chances with their guesses. The puzzle is the 2-4-6 puzzle where students have to guess the rule for those numbers.
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This is a neat use for PowerPoint developed by @SteveWyborney. The premiss simple: You would like to have an image of some three dimensional shape made of cubes. Now you can take his slideshow template and just click on any one of the cubes and choose delete to remove it from all six images. Or right click on an cube to change its colour. This doesn't work for like a typical PPT. It is meant to give you a printable template but was created with PPT. In fact, each cube or piece of cube is actually made up of an entire cube you can move around. Download the slideshow and try it for yourself.
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Some fun geometry stuff with Smarties (we call them Rockets in Canada) from @vihartvihart.
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I was lucky enough to attend @JoBoalar's 2 day workshop at Stanford this week. Lots of great growth mindset stuff and the release of this new video on the problems with labelling a student as gifted.
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Rethinking Giftedness from YouCubed on Vimeo.

One of the slides I liked in @joboaler's presentation was this one about what to do instead of standard homework
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Some Noticing and Wondering when I was in San Fransisco
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And some more Noticing and Wondering from San Fransisco
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You can never have too many WODBs. This one on percent and ratios from @BAnderson02
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I loved this image from @MarkChubb3 on triangular prisms
Curriculum Tags: Gr7

Some fun fraction stuff here
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