Friday, December 8, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Dec 8th, 2017

This past summer I had the pleasure of going to my first Twitter Math Camp. As it turns out becoming a participant at TMC is quite the feat. It regularly fills up quickly. And one way that you can get a spot is to be one of the presenters. They are always looking for new presenters and one of them could be you. And to help convince you I suggest you read recent blog posts from @samjshah or @marybourassa. They are great places to start if you are thinking of presenting but need a push or some ideas. And then when you are ready, fill in the Google form to submit your proposal.
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Are you looking for almost 30 Desmos activities from gr7-12? Then take a look at @MrOrr_Geek's spreadsheet compiling all of his activities. He's indicated for which grade each relates to, the topic and a brief description. Check them out.
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I have seen this Shell Centre activity before but I really like this Desmos update from @pejorgens. It's a great way to start kids on interpreting points on a scatter plot. Thanks to @mrOrr_Geek for pointing this one out.
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I like this problem that @FawnpNguyen highlighted on her blog recently:
There are 75 olives, 40% of which are green. I eat some of the green olives until 10% of the olives that remain are green. How many green olives did I eat?
Specifically I like the way she used a visual solution rather than an algebraic solution. Take a look
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If you are talking about scale diagrams with your kids then maybe start by showing what @colin_furze created by starting with a scale model
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We've been doing a lot of work in our school board on building thinking classrooms. So this post from @BenOrlin is quite timely. It's hard to get your kids to think and he suggest three strategies to make it happen. Check the post out for the full story.
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