Friday, March 9, 2018

Math Links for Week Ending Mar. 9th, 2018

So on his latest post @ddmeyer talks about an event where he taught kids in front of hundreds of teachers. Interesting concept. Read the whole post for the details. But that's not what I zeroed in on. The thing that really got me was this idea of the rough draft. That is, reframing the way we ask our students to attack problems. When we ask students questions that might be hard they often will hesitate for fear of being wrong. What ever we can do to help them overcome that fear the faster they can get to doing math. By asking them for their first or rough draft that allows them to be OK with making mistakes because, hey it's a first draft. Of course, first, you have to ask them a worth while question.
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I've been working on this activity on and off since the summer but finally have a working copy. It is an introduction to two dimensional vector equations. At the end there are a couple of slides with random generated questions for practice. Thanks to @Eluberoff for helping me figure out the vector arrows.
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I also updated my equation strips activity to deal with equations in the form Ax + B = C and now Ax - B = C. The premiss of this activity is to represent two step equations as these strips. The lengths of the strips represent the values in the equations and the fact that they are equal help visualize the equality. Now by adding equations in the form Ax - B = C means those strips are different sizes but the subtraction is represented by the gap. Regardless, students really seem to understand equations just a little bit better when using these. There is a hands on version and there is also an interactive websketch that will let you create your own for any equation.
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These Zukei puzzles are kind of fun for geometric shapes. The idea is that given a type of geometric shape, you have to draw it using the dots given as the outline. Here @MarkChubb3 has made a bunch (based on @mathequalslove's original post) and linked to her original post.
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I like this example from @AliceKeeler on how to use  Google Slides as a collaboration tool for your students in your math classes.
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I like this list of ideas from @MrSoClassroom on how to promote discourse in your math classes. Thanks to @MatthewOldridge for posing the original question.
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Get your quadratics out. Scientific American has done the math on the perfect free throw. They have laid it all out in this article.
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A relatively new one from @mathvineaday visualizing the difference of cubes.
Curriculum Tags: MPM2D, MCR3U

Another couple of good ones from @JessicaHagy to help you help students understand the nature of a linear graph.
Curriculum Tags: MPM1D, MFM1P

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