Saturday, April 7, 2018

Math Links for Week Ending Apr. 6th, 2018

In grade 7 in Ontario, students are required to physically construct parallel lines, perpendicular lines, perpendicular bisectors and angle bisectors. To do this, they would ideally only have a ruler and compass. In these four activities, students are walked through the steps to create these using Desmos and then given the same instructions to use via physical constructing. Note that, even though Desmos geometry has tools to create perpendicular and parallel lines we won't be using them in order to mimic what would be done in the real construction.
Curriculum Tags: Gr7

This is a neat little progression to show students conceptually how to divide one by a unit fraction.  Whether you use this BrainingCamp app or the Mathies fraction app, this is a great for showing that dividing fractions doesn't have to be a mystery.
Curriculum Tags: Gr7
I like this post from @MissCalcul8 where she polls Twitter for ideas about special right triangles, she gets suggestions then creates an activity that summarizes the ideas she likes. Nicely done
Curriculum Tags: MCR3U, MCF3M

In his latest post, @MrOrr_Geek reaches back to a book from 10 years ago from economist Richard Thayler called Nudge on how to have little changes have a great effect. He talks about connecting it to math class (or class in general). Take a look and listen to the podcast he mentions or this one from Freakonomics Radio
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Some keen advice on how to incorporate calculator use in math classes. 
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I thought this Tweet from @MarkChubb3 was a nice little tasty nugget of info that just about any teacher could learn from. 
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So much math at many grade levels here. Get to it
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