Friday, May 11, 2018

Math Links for Week Ending May 11th, 2018

Do you want to try to spiral your math curriculum? Last week I pointed out that @mathletepearce had started to create a video series to get you started. Then there was only one, now there are three in the series plus an entire detailed website. It truly is a comprehensive munch of info.
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Some more resources from OAME 2018 This first one is from @MarkChubb3 and @MrBinfield on the art of Noticing and Wondering for Assessment. You can see the detailed descriptions of all of their slides a this link.
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I also had dinner with both @MarkChubb3 and @MrBinField and one of the things we talked about was Voronoi Diagrams and was surprised to see I had missed Mark's post on them from last December. But I love the connection to perpendicular bisectors and art and the real world application of finding optimal boundaries. I like it so much that I created a Desmos Geometry sketch of a dynamic version of them here.
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Another session from last weeks OAME 2018 was from @NatBanting on Teaching Math with Open Tasks. Some well research reasoning and some ideas on how you can take traditional ideas and open them up.
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And then to take it a step further, @MaryBourassa took the info in his session and started to apply it to her Calculus and Vectors course. That is what I call an efficient use of info found when attending a conference.
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Though I don't usually dip down into Kindergarten on this blog, I think that we could learn a lot about the push towards play based learning taken up there. This session from last week's OAME 2018 from @RooSloan, @maggiefay_ and @ElishaMalyk on Planning for Purposeful Play in Early Years Math including info on coding in FDK. Check out their site (below) and their entire Google Drive.
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In other Interweb goings on, @mathycathy released her Pet House: A Linear Project!. I'm happy to say I had a small hand in helping out with this @Desmos activity and it's a great way to have kids draw their Desmos images using only linear functions. She includes a rubric and instructions to make it easier on you when you assign it.
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A few weeks ago I was on the 10-Minute Teacher podcast and although this isn't a math podcast, there are math based episodes. Recently two came up, one from @mathletepearce on making things visible and one from @MathDenisNJ on optimal ways to teach math. Check out those episodes and all the rest of my math podcast links on my page of podcasts.
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Want to give some challenges to your students? They typically like Desmos marble slides and if that is the case then you should challenge them with @sweenwsween's Marble Slides Challenge set. He has taken these to the next level and your kids will find themselves stuck in the struggle of trying to solve these 36 unique puzzles. I have mentioned these before but it is worth bringing them up again. Thanks to @MrOrrGeek for reminding me this out.
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One last one from NCTM a couple of weeks ago. Here is @ddMeyer's talk on Full Stack Lessons. Always worth a watch. 
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[NCTM 2018] Why Good Activities Go Bad from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

Here's a fun OpenMiddle problem from @MSBJacobs
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So fun to visualize prime numbers with @Desmos
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