Saturday, November 10, 2018

Math Links for Week Ending Nov. 9th, 2017

I was fortunate enough to help organize this year's OAME Leadership conference in locally here in Windsor. We had three keynotes (@ddmeyer, @ctfosnot, @gfletchy) and a bunch of breakout sessions over a day and a half. If you are interested here is the website (which will eventually have links from many of presentations). The theme was Learning in the 21st Century and we had different perspectives on how that can be done for teachers and students. Here is the feed from the hashtag #OAMELead. There were so many quotable lines (even one by me) that I tried to compile some of them  below. Thanks to all those who filled the "back channel" (just a few from @ddmeyer, @markchubb3, @hkodai, @mrbinfeild).
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I brought a pile of games to the OAME Leadership conference to play in the evening and other people started to bring up other puzzles. I have to check these and you should too.
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There is definitely a math question in here. What question will you ask?
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From @ddmeyer's keynote at #OAMELead. The question is: "What is the area of the shaded region?" Do this with a group of students or teachers to see the surprise. The connection could be calculating slope or rates of change on this one but I say that with no explanation :-)
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Check out this fraction activity from just a few decades ago
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Need a real box plot? What I can't tell is whether this was taken on the inside and the box plot was drawn on the window or just drawn digitally on the image. I hope its the former
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Some sketchnotes from @RiversoMaria on the OAME Leadership Keynotes and a couple of the breakouts. 
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