Friday, January 4, 2019

Math Links for Week Ending Jan 4th, 2019

It's the New Year and @Mr_Stadel has some advice. It's pretty simple: consider rebooting some (or all) of your class. New year and new you (or new your class). Here's some suggestions:

  • new seating arrangements
  • new warmup routine
  • new grading policy
  • new questioning strategies
  • new group work accountability structures

Curriculum Tags: All

I'm always looking for data sets to use when analyzing statistics. I house them on my blog called Found Data. This data set is about the top grossing concert tours. There is data on the amount of money, concerts attendance and more. It's mostly good for single variable analysis but there is a bit of regression that can be done.
Curriculum Tags: MPM1D, MFM1P, MBF3C, MDM4U, MAP4C

Looking for something to read? @mathletepearce has got you covered when it comes to good reads for any math teacher. From pedagogical to recreational there is something for everyone here (even math students). In 2014 I did an Ignite session at OAME on books that revolve around math. You can see the video in the links below.
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Are your kids learners or performers? In this post @dylanpkane discusses the difference. I know that in my experience we always have kids that do well on tests (ie performance) but when we see those kids the next year, they often haven't retained much (ie learned). In this post, we see some research and thoughts on this dichotomy.
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When you go back to school with your kids, maybe start with some of these calculations from @standupmaths that all equal 2019
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It turns out that the if the first Thursday of the year also falls on the third day of the year then it's called Thirdsday. Here @standupmaths goes through some "thirds" math (including how to remember the digits of a third :-)  ). The thing I like the most is the iterative process to breaking things into thirds
Curriculum Tags: All

Here's my Ignite session on books for math teachers and you can get all the links here.
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With the promise of more to come, @saravdwerf has been collecting #mathfails and you can see her latest collection at the link below (with the promise more).
Curriculum Tags: All

Some interesting tiling patterns from @sumdumthum
Curriculum Tags: Gr7


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