Friday, June 14, 2019

Math Links for Week Ending Jun. 14th, 2019

Featured Links
A couple of new releases from First, the Algebra Tiles app which has been in beta for a while is finally out. Check out all the tips and tricks here. The other new app is the representation match game with fractions. The nice thing about this game is that you can play it on any device (since it's built with HTML5). And if electronic matching games are not your thing, then they have also made available printable cards to physically play the match. You can get those here
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Resource Links
How about some dynamic cube nets
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Here's a great Desmos activity (based on an activity by @MrOrr_Geek) for introducing the concept of systems of equations. It has some nice features in the first few slides and then finishes off with a Challenge Creator for students to create there own then practice on each others.
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The new features keep coming from @Desmos. Recently they introduced new statistics tools and most recently they have added some random functions to to add to the strength of the tool. Check out this simple use from @Dandersod and then start playing on your own.
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Some research about the benefits of removing numbers from questions. I like the idea of numberless word problems and the research says so should you.
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Do you have a story about a time when you used some teaching method that, as you look back, you may be embarrassed about now? We all started somewhere and did things that makes us cringe now. To me, that's called progression. Well, if you are up for it, @Mr_stadel is looking for you for his new podcast "Math Confessions". It's coming out in the fall but if you would like to be part of it, you can make your math confession, just contact Andrew.
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Article Links
Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship this week. Here you can read about the numbers guy behind the team. Thanks to @KMarkPet for pointing this one out
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Video/Audio Links
If you were not sure about the power of numbers in the above article, in this episode of The Indicator they explain "Hoopinomics" and especially why the 3-point shot has become the mark of a championship team.
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Here's a fun problem for dealing with logs. As it turns out Log(1 + 2 + 3) = Log(1) + Log(2) + Log(3). It shouldn't be true but it is. Find out why
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Image Links
Here is a nice visual proof. Good for patterns and or finite series. 
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