Friday, February 1, 2013

Math links for Week Ending Feb 1st, 2013

How do you show a graph when you are on the radio? You convert it to music and have an opera singer sing it of course. I have just been getting caught up on some of my older podcasts and heard this great piece by Planet Money. Rather than just describe the graph seen on the right, they converted it to music and had it sung. Perfect for showing that data can be represented in many ways.
Curriculum Tags: Gr7, Gr8, MDM4U, MAP4C

Is the Body Mass Index (BMI) really that useful if it says people like Brad Pitt are considered overweight? In fact, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is actually obese according to the BMI. Here's another adjusted measure. This could be used for teaching order of operations in Gr 7 or Gr8. Just sayin
Curriculum Tags: Gr7, Gr8

New activities from Texas Instruments. The first set has Linear functions, Analytic Geometry, Polynomials, Rational Functions & Normal Distributions
The second set has Linear Functions, Quadrilaterals, Logarithmic Functions and Sampling Distributions
Curriculum Tags: MFM1P, MPM1D, MFM2P, MPM2D, MHF4U, MDM4U

Want to develop the value of Pi using Archimedes Principle of Exhaustion? Who doesn't? You can do it here at the Nova site with a handy dandy interactive applet. While you are there check out their other applets for math and science as well as full episodes of Nova.
Curriculum Tags: Gr8

Numberphile just released a video post compiling the results from their quest to find YouTube's favourite number. Here is the blog post that gives the detailed results of the data as well as the summary video and original videos. Great for any Data Management class
Curriculum Tags: Gr7, Gr8, MAP4C, MDM4U

In the Numberphile post below you may have noticed that there are some limit expressions. These were produced by an online LaTeX equation editor that lets you create equations and then paste HTML code into your web pages (or images into your documents). A useful thing if you have ever needed to put math in a webpage
Curriculum Tags: All

A great video by Numberphile on the problems with dividing by zero and the idea of 00. A nice discussion of and (and others).
Curriculum Tags: MCV4U

Here is a nice image to talk about both bad math and rates
Curriculum Tags: Gr7, Gr8, MPM1D, MFM1P

And another in the Watermelon Series:
Curriculum Tags:All

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