Friday, November 22, 2013

Math Links for Week Ending Nov. 22, 2013

A new portal to house resources for K-12 mathematics has just been released. is a site that houses resources for parents and students. Some are just another place to give light to things that have been around (Gap Closing, Homework Help etc) but there are also new applets available as well. Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting some of these apps. In the mean time you can look for yourself.
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I really like this post on modelling sinusoidal motion. Some interesting dialog about proper modelling situations. I like the idea about having students guess the graphs of height fro various situations. And I love the animated gif of the different shaped Ferris wheel.
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Its worth mentioning again, if only to point out that there was a slick redesign to the site. Take a look at the over 130 patterns (and even add your own).
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I am always looking for good data sets. If you are not familiar with the game show Deal or No Deal then I think you may have been living under a rock (ha ha). Its one of those shows that is easy to play and has versions all over the world. An added bonus is that its a treasure trove of probability based math. That being said the someone has collected information about the 215 episodes that have aired in Australia. Things like the case picked, the case with the biggest prize, the deal made and other anecdotal info. For more ways to analyze it take a look at the Learn and Teach Statistics Blog. To make things a bit easier on you I have also put the data in a CSV, Google Doc and a Fathom file.
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From the I Speak Math blog comes a great idea. Using games in math is a good idea. Here they have started to compile different games that could be used in a math class. Most of these can be adapted to any grade level. Maybe you have one you would like to add, you can edit the document and add it on your own. Have fun.
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Hey, what good is data if you can't use it to find Waldo? Well someone has looked at where Waldo has been and came up with a strategy for doing just that. Finding Waldo. Thanks to Mark Esping for this one
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Having difficulty in math is pretty commonplace. But sometimes we as teachers might not have an idea of what that is life (as a math teacher, likely you were good at math as a kid). Having that empathy is good for helping students through it. To get a sense of what having difficulty in math is like, try these simulations.

I really like this visual representation of the series 13 + 23 + 33 + ..... It really shows how a visualization can help you understand a situation. The neat thing about this is that it could be used in grade 7 or 8 patterning as well as grade 11 series. Thanks to the Lets Play Math Blog for this one.
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