Friday, November 29, 2013

Math Links for Week Ending Nov. 29, 2013

I am all for new tech. It is so hard to keep up with all of the new stuff. Now you may have heard of QR codes but the next step from QR codes is augmented reality. I wrote about the Layar app a year and a half ago if you want to see more on this idea. But now we have teachers using this app in class to exploit the technology in the room. See how Kyle Pearce is doing just that here:
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 After years of using algebra tiles, only very recently had I stumbled upon the fact that you could complete the square using algebra tiles. This stemmed from looking at the expectation from grade 10 academic course on completing the square: "by completing the square in situations involving no fractions, using a variety of tools". It was the "variety of tools" bit that caught my eye. Up until then I had not really known of any other method other than algebraically. But a quick search on the Interwebs came up with a host of videos on how to do it. And more recently the M^3 blog had a post on it so I guess that is a sign to put something here.
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Have you ever had a hard drive crash? Do you need a great context to refer to when dealing with cumulative probability? How about data from the failure rates of 25,000 hard drives. That is what Backblaze has published and is a great set of info. Among other stats, 22% of drives fail in the first four years of life. That is a 1 in 4 chance of failure. Excuse me but I think I need to go make a backup of my drive.
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What is a radian? Good questions. Take a look at the Continuous Everywhere blog to see how that discussion went in class. I like that he had a link to both the online Geogebra applet and a video on how it works.
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Also from Continuous Everywhere is a Trig War activity complete with worksheets to make the cards. Because the activity uses both radians and degrees it would be suitable for MHF4U but if you just use the degree cards you could easily use it with MCR3U or MCF3M
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I like to talk about knowing if a number is big in Data Management but you can also talk about big numbers in grade 7 number sense. I like this activity for getting a sense of millions, billions and trillions from the Let's Play Math blog.
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  1. Thanks for sharing my AR post! Hoping to get my trigger wall ready to rock as we approach the end of the course for exam/EQAO prep.

    Using algebra tiles to complete the square is awesome - I'm a big fan, however I always find that students aren't as big a fan. I think it comes down to not having a deep understanding of what "completing the square" is actually useful for. I keep plowing through though to hopefully help them make those connections.