Friday, June 15, 2018

Math Links for Week Ending Jun. 14th, 2018

 I saw this Tweet from @mathycathy talking about @saravanderwerf's post about Stand & Talks but my take away was this site I hadn't heard of before called On this site are images to start a conversation with students. I have added it to my Best of the Web tab on this blog.
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Wondering if teaching through tasks is something you can do? Fear not, @mathletepearce has you covered. Going from teaching through examples with a few tasks at the end of a unit to using tasks for the teaching (with consolidation). Take a look at all the insights on his post.
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What a nice and simple Geogebra sketch from @markus_geogebra for kids to play around with and learn the connections between position. velocity and acceleration. Thanks to @mathstechnology for pointing this out.
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A couple of new podcasts to listen to from @BBCMoreorLess. One on whether we should call it math or maths (starts at 17:43) and the other does a good job of looking at some problems with statistics in a critical way, including a bit on estimating the number of wizards in the UK in the Harry Potter series. And then a new episode of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast with @geraldaungst talking about his book the Five Principles of the Modern Math Classroom
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A pretty sweet little Desmos enhancement when manipulating graphs. Now an easy way to zoom in on just one axis using the shift key. Thanks to @jocedage for pointing this one out.
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There is a new (to me) solving equations app that is intriguing but perhaps does too much to re enforce poor math habits. In his latest post @ddmeyer uses it to talk about what he looks for in technology and don't forget to look at Graspable Math's response to his post here.
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So fun. 3D sinusoidal sculpture. Some great stuff on @mrswoldum's feed and absolutely check out her guest post on @saravanderwerf's blog with details on how it was made.
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Another great animated tessellation done with Desmos from @sumdumthum
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What a great and rich pattern. So many different curricula can be looked at with this pattern (depending on how you look at it)
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This is a great new feed to follow for interesting sets of data and representations. Thanks to @marybourassa for pointing it out.
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