Saturday, June 2, 2018

Math Links for Week Ending Jun. 1st, 2018

As the incoming president of the OAME, one of my jobs is to organize the annual Leadership Conference. So I did and registration is now open. So come to Windsor and see and hear @ddmeyer, @ctfosnot, @gfletchy and others talk about learning in the 21st century. More info at the link
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 I like how @msbjacobs talks about the "box" method or area model of multiplying polynomials in his latest post. I like this method as it not only is visual but it builds on methods that students would have been familiar with from when they did two digit multiplication years ago.
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An integer game from @mathycathy is pretty simple and but could be versatile. Students create the game card by putting single digit integers on the card and then decide on the criteria for wining. Each team is assigned either vertical or horizontal and then someone starts by choosing a number in their row and that starts their tally. The other team then chooses their number in their column and that starts their tally. Then the game goes from there trying to get the largest (or the smallest or closest to zero) sum. Check out all the details at the link
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This is a neat comparison from @FawnpNguyen looking at how lesson planning is like cleaning the house. There are 9 points but really it was the summary that got me: "Like house cleaning, lesson planning can also be an asshole, especially on the weekends. "
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I liked this thread that showed up on the Twitters about how to make the best use of online communities from @sarmatkd. Lot's of good stuff in the comments. Click on the link for all the threads that came of it.
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A few from Would you Rather
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